Princess Program Overview

This program is designed for girls, ages 4-12, who are looking for an opportunity to be a part of crowning our Miss and Teen titleholders.  The program is an amazing opportunity for the princesses to learn skills such as confidence, poise, stage presence, communication and good manners; just to name a few.  Princesses are encouraged to be a part of our city, county and community and make their presence known as mini-leaders.

Princesses will not compete against one another for one title.  Rather, all princesses will be involved in entertaining the crowd of spectators.At the end of the show, all princesses will be recognized and will officially be given the title of Maricopa Princess.

The Princess Program Goals

* To provide a forum for personal growth.
* To mentor using positive role models.


•A Princess Party with local titleholders

•A Princess T-Shirt

•A Princess Tiara

•A Princess Sash

•An On-Stage Fashion Show

•A Group Photo Shoot

Entry Fee: $75