Miss Program Overview

Each year, the Miss City of Maricopa Scholarship Organization awards thousands of dollars in scholarships to young women ages 17 – 24 for higher education.  Our goal is to assist these young women in pursuing their personal and professional goals while being a role-model for service in our community.  We are a local pageant of the Miss America Organization, and it is through this association that contestants in the Miss City of Maricopa Scholarship Organization can have a network of opportunities open up to them.  Miss City of Maricopa partners with community and national based programs such as Children’s Miracle Network, Hope Kids, MASH Coalition, and the community chamber of commerce to serve in the community and promote higher societal values.

Becoming a Contestant Quick Facts

  1. Must be a U.S. citizen

  2. At least 17 years old at the time of local competition

  3. No more than 25 years old on December 31, 2020

  4. High school graduate or successfully completed G.E.D. testing program

  5. Female, never married and never have had children

  6. Legal resident of Arizona at least 6 months prior to local competition

  7. Must maintain the basis for eligibility throughout the local and state competition

  8. Ability to compete in private interview, evening gown and talent competitions


If you are interested in participating in our competitions, simply fill out the form on the contact page and we’ll send you more information.